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High Quality Plantation Shutters Melbourne

You may have noticed, particularly in some of the newer estates around Melbourne, plantation shutters are becoming very popular. Bland, old shutters are a thing of the past with functional and stylish shutters taking over.

3 Reasons EVERYBODY wants plantation shutters in their home include:

  • They are classy, modern and clean.
  • They are timeless, these shutters will not date like some green drapes from the 80s, they will still look amazing in 10 years time
  • They go with almost any decor, in particular the white shutters which seem to be the most popular. The reason they go with almost any interior is they have a traditional as well as modern feeling to them, you’ll be amazing how versatile they are.
  • They are incredibly functional. As soon as you decide how much lighting you want in a room, with the flick of a finger, you can have your desired lighting profile, no chords, no chains, no cranks or annoying rings. They have to be the easiest shutter to use on the market.

These shutters provide tremendous flexibility and control when it comes to light coverage or glare. If the sun is out, it’s easier to manage the room’s lighting by making slight changes to the shutter.



Choose from 3 Versatile Materials



Made from Red Cedar and Basswood. Red Cedar shutters are also light-weight (but strong) and offer a more traditional feel. Basswood is one of the most popular materials as it is very light-weight,strong and versatile as it can be painted to almost any colour.


Ecowood (Polymer Foam)

Ecowood is a specialty material primarily made up of a polymer foam. It is waterproof, non-toxic, and well-insulated making it the best option areas with water exposure such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and balconies.



With the frame strength and the thermal qualities of Red Cedar, and the durability of Ecowood, our unique Duratech system gives you the best of both worlds in design and functionality.

Value of Melbourne Plantation Shutters

Homeowners will have a plethora of options put in front of them and plantation shutters tend to win out. However, why is that the case? What is the value in getting plantation shutters installed on your Melbourne property?

It has to do with the overall style as it is crisp, clean, and easy on the eyes. There is a certain elegance to it that is hard to deny, particularly in a classic white finish. They can create a cozy, pleasant setting that is welcoming at all times of the day.

Like most trends in Melbourne, plantations are timeless, yet stylish and modern.

Also, these shades are well-regarded for being functional. They can adjust on the go without causing disturbance or requiring a lot of effort. The slats are well spread out and are going to control light easily. This ensures the room remains well-lit and the sunlight doesn’t become overwhelming. This is the ideal balance for those who don’t want the room flooded with light. The functionality begins to reveal itself during the summer days when it gets stuffy inside. Play around with the plantation shutters and pick the ideal setting based on the room temperature.

Plantation blinds provide a high level of control making it easier to remain on top of things at all times. These are easier to keep clean and are not going to get in the way of your children or pets. In contrast, your curtains can create quite the disturbance!


The materials vary based on one’s preference. The classic plantation shutters come in wood as they are slimmer and have a powder-coated presence to them. This flows well with numerous interior settings. However, homeowners often play around with the materials and decide to go with aluminium because it works well for bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor settings. Also, aluminium is well-regarded for doing well when it comes to managing moisture. It is easy to keep them clean with a bit of water.

With timber shutters, homeowners love the natural elegance they bring to the room. They have a high-end appearance that is a big part of any window covering.

For those who are looking to go with timber shutters, the range of options continues as there are many types of timber. While making a selection, it is always recommended to speak with a proven supplier in Melbourne to pick out high-quality shutters based on the timber you prefer as a homeowner. This can be a great way to differentiate between indoor and outdoor shutters.

Another material that is seen around the city is PVC. These shutters are ideal for those who want to go with a cost-efficient option. These are budget-friendly and still have the appearance of wood.

In general, PVC shutters can be maintained with ease and don’t get in the way.

What about those who have too many windows to cover? How are you able to maintain a budget?

In such cases, PVC shutters are the ideal way to go because they’re high in quality and remain affordable at the same time. You can get shutters that are UV resistant, fade resistant, and still look as good as you want them too. In areas where there is a lot of continuous rain, these shutters are often recommended over other types to maintain durability.

The designs are refined, and they are far more flexible when it comes to styling. In the past, most of the plantation shutters Melbourne were known to be traditional with their hinges, but that is not the case now. Instead, homeowners can take a look at going with a range of bifold and/or sliding shutters based on what they desire. This can even include plantation shutter door frames.

Continuing with customisation, a homeowner can play around with the blade width and also various colour options. This can offer a bit of personalisation to how your window shades will look when they’re open or closed. You can put together the look you’re after by doing this.

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