1. Where can Plantation Shutters and Blinds be used?

Design Plantation Shutters and Blinds are able to be fitted to doors and windows, the can also be used as room dividers. Depending on the product. Some can be used for the interior and the exterior of your office or home. Every Plantation Shutter is tailor made, they can be made to fit bay windows, arches, port holes and a variety of other sizes and shapes. Every blind is made to fit your window perfectly, this provides maximum functionality and look.

2. Aren’t they all very pricey?

The range of designs offered at Design Plantation Shutters Sydney provides the consumer with a variety of options and prices. At the top of the price range you will find shutters, however even with this product, the range of product options as well as price can be affordable while maintaining its high quality. There are other products, for example Roller Blinds, Timber Venetian Blinds,Roman Blinds that provide an option to Plantation Shutters that is not as expensive, but most of our client have found that by combining our products, they have been able to fit it into their budgets and needs. A common mix is Plantation Shutters in the front, on the sides some Timber Venetians and on the back some Fabric Blinds

3. How long will my Shutters and Blinds last?

For twenty five years now, we have been providing the Australian market with Shutters and Blinds. We have come to realise that since the functionality remains excellent, our clients return to us to have their Plantation Shutters resprayed for a refreshing look. The Timber Venetian Blinds also have an excellent lifespan. There are effects that will take place on parts such as the cords such as, size as well as how often they are lowered and raised, these however can be easily replaced after having been used for years as a way of renewing you blind. There is generally a two to five year warranty that is included with Fabric Blinds. However, as with any product, careful use and proper care, will allow your Blinds and Shutter to provide excellent service for many years.

4. What does the term “custom made” mean?

Every Plantation Shutter or Blind is made by Design from scratch to perfectly fit your door or window. On of our sales team provides an initial measurement in order to offer you a proper quote. Then, in most cases, one of our fitters will return to recheck the measurements. This must be done to the millimeter, a huge amount of experience as well as expertise is required in order to provide the very best end result. After the measurements are checked, they are sent to our manufacturers who manufacture the actual Blind or Shutter, ninety seven percent of all jobs are reported to perfectly fit in the desired window or door.

5. When it comes to Plantation Shutters, why are there different shapes and blade sizes.

Traditionally the Plantation Shutter hat a flat profile blade with a rounded edge. These blades are narrower at the edge and thicker in the center. Practically speaking, the shape of the blade does not really affect the Shutters functionality, when it comes to Plantation Shutters, the size of the blade is really more about personal taste. Once again, the size of the blade does not really affect the degree of light block and privacy. The width of the blade is what really controls the openness and outlook. Many believe that a smaller blade looks more traditional. The decision however is yours to make. Samples of the various blade options as well as finishes are carried by our sales team, this can help you to make a better decision.