If you’re looking to change an aspect of your home, you may wish to consider plantation shutters. Available in a variety of colours you’ll be able to increase your home’s value and the aesthetic look of your home. With affordable pricing and so many colours you’re sure to love the new look of your home. Shutters are very versatile and much less costly than expensive drapes that will require even more care. In fact, you can actually finance shutters right into the purchase of your home.

As an added bonus, plantation shutter blades can be painted to match or compliment your home so you’ll be assured that you have the perfect match. Shutters are typically mounted in shallow boxes or frames that are attached right to the window casing. The frame gives the shutters a base as well as visual appeal. Custom plantation shutters are designed and created to look like they are an actual part of the windows themselves. If you wish to change the colour of your trim you may wish to paint the trim before you mount the shutters. Once the shutters are mounted you won’t want to paint them, they are much easier to paint before they are mounted on your home.

Most window treatments are short on colour options. However, with shutters, you can choose which colour you want them to be and you won’t have to worry about what colours you choose. There are a variety of options when considering colours for shutters.



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Plantation Shutters Colours

Having brightly coloured shutters on the outside of your home can lend a unique flair to your home. Homeowners that have style may opt to paint their shutters to compliment their homes. Bright white shutters are by and far the most common, however, others colours can look great on a home as well. Some people find bright white to be too glaring and will opt for a bit of colour that will make it far more unique. colours will also absorb more of the sun than white and help to keep your home cooler or warmer depending on the season.


Many people opt for black finishes on their indoor shutters to help make a bold and dramatic statement. Black is well suited if you like to keep your home cooler and if you’re going to be using a lot of electronics such as television when you wish to have it a bit darker in the room so that you can see the screen. Black and white make a very strong impact statement in any room. Black is also ideal if you’re trying to darken a room for sleeping.


Wood Stain

After white, the most typical colour offered is a wood grain look. There are a wide array of options for wood stains including cherry, golden pine, and dark chocolate colours. Woods can lend a masculine or a cabin like feel to any room. You can choose bright and cheery or darker colours that still look inviting when you consider wood stains.

13Earth Tones

Many plantation shutters are done in earth tones like browns, blues or greens. These can turn the indoors into a quiet oasis of soothing energy. Ideal for creating a playful area or an inviting allure to your home. Wall decor isn’t as needed if you choose shutters in lieu of window coverings.

Plantation shutters offer a bold option on how you decorate your room and can easily be incorporated into the decor of the room. From bold to striking to subtle, shutters can readily change the entire look of a room.


Shutters can look great on a bay window and they can shut out the cold and keep in the warmth on wintry days. They will also help to block the sun when it’s shining brightly outside.

With so many colours and styles to choose from a person may wish to have different shutters in different areas of the home. However, keep in mind that when considering outside shutters they should all match. Shutters offer a simple uncomplicated style that lends an air of sophistication to any home. You can opt for your own unique style without compromise when you choose shutters over window treatments. Shutters may be unconventional, however, they offer you the opportunity to choose your own colour combinations and to add in a unique flair to your homes decor. Many people are catching on to this trend and changing how their homes look by simply adding shutters to the exterior and interior of their homes. It’s a fun and unique wave of decorating and will be seen more and more in the future. If you’re tired of the same old window treatments you may wish to consider asking us more about our range of plantation shutters.